Wilson Kirk leaves his Greenville, Ohio shop early in the morning with an empty trailer behind his Ford pickup and tells his wife Julie, “I’m just going out looking.” Whether it’s in Washington DC, Mississippi, or out to New Mexico; more often than not, Wilson comes back with an old muscle car begging to be restored. And that’s just how they like it.

Wilson, Julie, and their two sons Griffin, 22 years old, and McGregor, 18 years old, have been completing high end restorations on classic and rare muscle cars for longer than the boys can remember.  The two started working with their parents in the shop as soon as they could hold sanders in their hands. Wilson got his start working on cars out in the shop with his dad at around age twelve. By the time he was seventeen, Wilson had developed a passion for body and paint work and started his own business in Cincinnati. Even then, Wilson was “going out looking” to see if there were any old cars that could use his expertise.

Wilson met his wife while teaching an auto body painting class in Cincinnati. As “love” would have it, she just happened to have her car in for service at the same shop where Wilson was instructing. It wasn’t long before Wilson moved to Greenville to marry that young woman.

The family’s shop is still located in Greenville, and they recently opened a new 7,200 square foot  stable alongside their 6,000 square foot garage ready to restore muscle cars.  Although Wilson Kirk’s Rod Shop is equipped to restore just about anything with its rotisserie style process, the Kirk family can usually be found working on Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros. Griffin and McGregor have recently started restoring Harley Davidson motorcycles as well. (Griffin with a (left) ‘69 Fastback Mustang and a Boss 302 (right))

The muscle cars of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s are not easy to find. Wilson’s gift of a warm personality and just plain ol’ Midwest honesty have helped him collect several vehicles that even the larger competitors couldn’t land.

What keeps the Kirk family going is a shared passion for muscle cars. Their customers appreciate the time and effort it takes to do a job well. It’s this attention to detail and love of old cars that started it all, keeps them together today, and presents a bright future for their tomorrow.

Moser Motor Sales is proud to have our logo on many of the Kirks’ personal vehicles, including a Boss Laguna Seca  and an F350 customized in the tradition of the Mustang Shelby.